Moving this blog in a new direction


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Hello my amazing WordPress readers and followers!

If you follow this blog, I haven’t been posting much… actually at all since the middle of December.

I became somewhat frustrated with a WordPress hosted blog, mainly because you had to pay for customization, and I felt the themes weren’t exactly what I was looking for. Along with that, this blogging thing is SO much fun and I really wanted to take it to the next level!

So, I bought my domain and purchased a theme that I felt was perfect for me.  Not only that, but it’s fully customizable and is compatible with all of the awesome plug ins that wordpress has (I’m still using WordPress as my dashboard, but everything else is customizable!). I felt as though I can finally put much of my personality into my blog, and it looks so much more professional than I feel!

You can visit my new website here


Thank you all SOO much for reading and commenting on this blog, and I hope that you all can see my new blog and I can continue to interact with all of you 🙂

You guys were what inspired me to take this to the next level and I am SO grateful for that.


Keep on Blogging!




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