When a Thai soldier tells you they will go after your boyfriend

A small disclaimer here: The Thai police did say that they would go after my (then) boyfriend, but I promise it was not out of malicious intent (and maybe I was slightly flattered).

Whilst visiting some friends in Sisaket, about an hour or so from there, the Thai/Cambodian border hosts an extremely holy temple known as Khao Phra Wihan.  The Thai’s and the Cambodians had been fighting about which side was this temple actually on, and most recently it was deemed that the temple was on the Cambodian side.  Needless to say, the Thai’s were not too happy about that, and you can see the barbed wire and other military accessories.



However from the Thai side, you can kind of make out the Temple:

IMG_6368Do you see it? On the top of the mountain?

Whilst visiting there were plenty of other temples to give incense, flowers, and other small gifts.

IMG_6341One thing I have to say, I hope to go back one day not just to visit some Khmer ruins, but to spiritually understand the place.  As new-agey as that sounds, the strong Buddhist influence really shaped a lot of my spirituality today, and when I go back I want to bring that more into my experience there.

But anyways that’s me bowing to a statue.

Moving on!

There were some more ancient sites to be seen here.  If you walk down these steps:

IMG_6342You can find ancient carvings:

IMG_6345Which blow my mind, to say the least!

Now what does this have to do with the title of this post?

While I am in this part of the world, it’s not unusual for people who want to take pictures.  I’m tall, I’m a ‘Farang lady’ as the Thai’s say it, it was something I had to get used too (again, it was still very flattering!).

After visiting the site, walking back to the car, there were several Thai police who stopped us and wanted to talk pictures.

IMG_6318One of them asked me, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

“Yes” I replied, laughing.

Another soldier chimed in, “We will send Thai police after him so you don’t have boyfriend anymore.”

Everyone was laughing pretty hard at this point.  I knew it was a joke, and I couldn’t help but feel a twinge bit better about myself.  You would too! Right? Right…?

IMG_6319Anyways, I couldn’t help but have a great time visiting Khao Phra Wihan.  Between the temples and the flattery, I was one happy camper.


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2 thoughts on “When a Thai soldier tells you they will go after your boyfriend

  1. haha that’s funny! My best friend in college is from Cambodia, and I can’t wait to go visit her sometime. She’s graduating next week and flying back to Cambodia, and given how different our schedules are I have no idea when I’ll see her next.


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