A View from the Top: The Washington Monument

City views have always been one of my favorites.  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love natural landscapes and mountains, but there is something so beautiful about looking over a city and feeling the energy of the people living there.  And Washington DC is so incredibly unique!  It is such a powerful place that houses so many different types of people.

For some reason, I had never known about getting to the top of the Washington Monument.  Apparently, it’s free if you go to the national mall at 8:30 am and wait in line. However, I ended up booking mine online for a small fee.  You can buy tickets here!

When you show up at the monument, you enter the line that is for your specific time, and wait until you can get inside. Once inside, you take the elevator up to the top, where they have windows at each side.

The views are breathtaking! Please, marvel at your own leisure.



The Lincoln Memorial!


The White House!


The Capitol!


‘Posing so it looks like I’m marveling at the view!’

Have a beautiful Thanksgiving, fellow travelers!


7 thoughts on “A View from the Top: The Washington Monument

  1. Those pictures are amazing! I was so close to going to Washington DC but sadly, I couldn’t. School was in the way! Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!


  2. Oh, these pictures are making me homesick for D.C. I only lived there for a couple months this summer while I interned at the Smithsonian, but I absolutely fell in love with it. Thank you for sharing! 🙂

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