Gift Idea for a Fellow Traveler: Canvas Painting!

Good morning!

I wanted to share a little gift idea that I had learned about over the weekend.  I am a major fan of pinterest (and it’s addictive qualities).  I was studying with a friend when she told me about how she is going to make canvases after our study session.

‘What is that?’ I asked, with dim curiosity, focusing mainly on my travel tags on pinterest.

‘You can paint quotes or pictures on to canvases, and give them as gifts’ she said. ‘You can buy them for $0.50 and the paint is cheap as well.’

Hold the phone, for less than $5.00 I can create an incredibly meaningful gift, while also satisfying all of my pinned quotes about ‘Wanderlust’ ‘Those who wander are not lost’ etc?

What a fantastic idea!

Here are some examples that I thought were incredible, I will definitely be doing this as holiday presents!





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