Mombasa, Kenya: Paradise on Earth

I’ve always loved the beach.  With the soft sand and sound of the waves blissfully taking you into another world of peace, the beach has a magic to it.  One that I certainly can’t explain.

While I was volunteering in Kenya (You can check out my 5 things you learn volunteering post here) I got the lucky chance to go to Mombasa twice, and also Zanzibar, Tanzania.  I’ll let you all know about Zanzibar in another post!



What a beautiful place it was.  Sand that is almost translucent, fisherman fishing out on the warm crystal clear water. Palm trees lining the coast.  It was truly like paradise on earth.


The first time I had the chance to go, a few friends had known someone with a house that we could rent, with two bedrooms and several beds in the loft area, and a pool.  How beautiful it was!  Thatched roofs and curtains flowing in the breeze.  How wonderful!



The second time I went, I stayed in a small cottage with another friend, that had it’s own private beach and pool.  Also, it had a kitchen as well, and for the two nights we stayed there, we made breakfast and dinner together and ate it out on our deck listening to the waves crashing.



I also got to ride a camel!!!



I have to clarify, we did not stay in the town of Mombasa.  It was an interesting place, but I much prefer the peace of the beach.

I hope if you ever have the chance to go to Mombasa’s beaches, you will be able to make it! It will certainly be worth your while ❤


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