NYC in 12 Hours!

Olá friends!

Do you have a 12 hour layover in NYC?  Are you just visiting for the day? Here I can give you some tips on what to do when you only have 12 hours in the beautiful city of New York!

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Getting to NYC:

If you already have a flight layover, than of course you don’t have to find a way into NYC, except getting a taxi or subway into the city!  However, if you are like me and live relatively close within either driving distance or train distance, then I might be able to help you!

I have used,  where you can find bus tickets for as cheap as $1.00!  That is a steal.  Of course, you have to book far enough in advance, which I tend to not be so good at.  I bought tickets for about $40 roundtrip but that is still a very good price.

I wouldn’t recommend driving.  The city is bustling with lots of cabs to take if you need a ride, and I don’t remember seeing any parking garages that are cheap.

Take the subway if you need to get around the city!


Once you arrive:

Coffee! There is a Starbucks on every street corner, and after an overnight bus ride, you are definitely going to need coffee.  If you are not a fan of Starbucks, there are always smaller coffee shops you can get your caffeine fix.  For me? Starbucks is just fine!

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Next up: Breakfast

I can never resist a true NYC Bagel.  Whether you like just plain cream cheese or lox, NYC has tons of bagel places filled with warm breaded goodness that is unique to New York.  And, it gives you the energy you need for an adventurous but long day!


Here is my Onion bagel with Cream Cheese, So yummy!!


Visiting the Statue of Liberty & Ellis Island:

You can take the subway to the dock where you can buy tickets to the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island for $18.  It includes the ferry ride to both attractions.

I have to admit, I loved going to see the Statue of Liberty the first time, but there isn’t much to do on the island.  Ellis Island is much more engrossing in my opinion, especially if you have had family immigrating through there.  What a fascinating place!  However, it does take up time, and when I was visiting for only 12 hours I skipped Ellis Island to go and see other parts of the city.


Lunch Time:

After an adventure to the State of Liberty and Ellis Island, I’m sure you will be extremely hungry for some lunch!  I took the subway from the dock to Washington Square Park, which was absolutely beautiful!




There was a pagan festival at the park the day I visited, which was so much fun to watch the girls in gorgeous costumes dancing and pick up some handmade jewelery!

There are a few options to eat here, as there are food trucks and small restaurants just one block away from the main park.  I have to say, I really fell in love with this part of NYC, what a beautiful place inside a huge city!

Times Square:

After visiting my favorite place in NYC, we took the subway back to times square for some ice cream after lunch.  This place is bustling with SO many people!  If you love being around a ton of energy than this place you will love.  I was not a huge fan of how crowded it was, but to each their own!

There is a lot of shopping to do here, with unique stores for every kind of shopper! And, if you want to do some 5th Ave. shopping than you can head over there if you so wish.


Central Park:

By this point, I was exhausted.  However, an ice cream cone in hand walking to central park put the cherry on top of a fantastic day.

Central Park was beautiful, although I still think Washington Square Park is my favorite.  It is still so gorgeous seeing the tall buildings surrounding trees and animals, with people sprawled out on benches enjoying the sun with bands playing music perfectly fitting to the mood of the park.


I ended up sitting under a tree, and falling asleep for over an hour!  But there is no better place to take a quick nap under the afternoon sun.


The bus stop for megabus was in a strange place, which was different than where we were dropped off.  So please, pay attention to where your bus is parked if you rode the bus into the city.  I would have never known if my partner hadn’t known!


As my day came to an end in NYC, this city is culturally diverse and a wonderful place to visit.  NYC is not just another big city, but a bustling living place of many different kinds of people, contributing to the food, music, and culture that is abundant throughout this large metropolis.  I love you, NYC.




Mcfly ❤






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