Olá my friends!

Welcome to the blog, maconthefly, where myself Mackenzie brings to you all things passionate to her.  As an obligatory first post, I must tell you all something about myself.

This is what I look like:


Just kidding; this is what I actually look like:


I am an almost graduated student with a passion for all things travel!


Whether it’s weird food:


Or awesome experiences:


I am incredibly grateful and excited for the life I live!

So, please join me, as I share all things travel, food, and adventure related.  I promise you won’t regret it! 😉

Mcfly ❤


11 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Like I said in the community pool, really like your blog. You’re a great writer! Seems like you’re having a lot of fun. I can only dream about traveling the world so I guess I’ll just watch you do it! Keep on posting!


      • Haha! Yeah, you’re welcome! I agree with you. I actually had a joke going with my family and friends that I went on some kind of virtual trip. I went on the internet and was able to photoshop myself pretty well into some pictures. I also learned a lot of new facts that I didn’t know.

        Yeah, I could. Why not have a travel post – the least thing that I could do is to go outside of my house. 🙂

        What country do you really want to go to?

        Keep on posting your travels!


      • Haha that is too funny!! You could do a blog post about that! But hey I think as long as you enjoyed yourself doing it that is all that matters 🙂

        Yes! You could be a tourist in your own town, that is always really fun to do, and you get to see a new way to look at the familiar!

        Hmm… that is a good question. Probably right now it’s Brazil! What about you? 🙂


      • I just might!! Great idea!

        Yeah, my street only has like six houses I think. A lot of land so there’s a lot of nature. So that could be cool! I went down to California on a trip and took plenty of pictures so I might post that!

        Brazil?? Why Brazil? I think it would be cool to go there when Brazil is hosting the summer Olympics.

        Oh boy! I would’ve said Australia because I love their accents but I keep hearing of poisonous animals. It keeps getting worse there. I’m a very big Lord of the Rings fan so New Zealand would be very exciting to go to! My grandparents went there and they gave me a New Zealand hat so that only added my passion to go there.


  2. Even better!! Some of my favorite moments are spent when I’m in nature around my hometown. And you could write about your adventure in California! Where did you go there? I lived in LA for a couple of years!

    YES!!!! That is my dream! But Brazil seems like everything I could ever want in a place. Culture, Tropical, Dancing, Music, Beautiful Language, History, all in one country!

    I haven’t been to Australia, but I love the accent too! I actually went to New Zealand with my grandparents, that is a funny coincidence! It is so beautiful there, and the scenery is epic. Plus its a very friendly place with lots of different cultures mixed in.


    • Yeah, well you should definitely post about the nature that’s in your hometown. However, since it’s winter, it might be hard to find a lot of nature.

      My family and I went to Redding, which is in Northern California.

      Yes, quite! It does seem like a fun place to go to! Have you seen pictures of the Iguazu Falls? It’s absolutely amazing!!! What place would you mostly want to spend your time at in Brazil?

      My cousins went to the Summer Olympics in London and they had a blast!

      Do you have any pictures when you went to New Zealand? I would love to see those!


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